Our Roofing 4 Step Process

  • Inspection

    MTM’s roofing process starts with an inspection on your roof and interior so that we can verify that there is enough storm damage to justify a claim. If there is enough damage, we will then assist you in the process of calling the insurance company to arrange an adjuster meeting.

  • Adjuster Meeting

    MTM will meet with your insurance companies’ adjuster and point out the damages and fight for a fair and equatable settlement that will cover all of the costs to repair the damaged areas. During the roofing process MTM represents you, the homeowner, just like an attorney would in a court of law.

  • Scope

    Once MTM has received an official estimate from the insurance company we will then compare it to our estimate to see if anything has been left out or overlooked.

  • Check

    If there is a mortgage on the home, the mortgage companies name will most likely be on the check along with yours and MTM’. There will be several forms to be filled out and notarized. Once the first check is endorsed we will begin work.